About Us

The owner of Kapri Law Firm is Shadan Kapri (pronounced Shadawn Capri). Kapri Law was created because every person deserves affordable, sound legal advice.  Ending a relationship, asking the courts for a modification, or even starting a business are all life-changing events that have ripple effects on you and your whole family for generations.  In these circumstance, it is critical to find an affordable attorney who understands your concerns and goals. 

At Kapri Law our goals are simple.  We help find solutions to life’s greatest challenges by offering advice during life’s best and hardest times.  We know that people feel lost and overwhelmed by the legal system.  We know that legal terminology and forms can be confusing.  Our job is to make things easier and describe all your options during your transition in life. We help our clients see that the hardest times in their lives can also be a time for great potential.  It can be a time for new beginnings. 

Ms. Kapri has been honored for demonstrating leadership, dedication, and excellence in the legal field by becoming a Cambridge Who’s Who Professional of the Year Award Recipient (2011).  Her legal knowledge and client-centered approach have also been recognized by her peers and clients.  The National Academy of Family Law Attorneys in Washington, D.C.. recognized her as one of the top family law attorneys for the State of Washington.  

In 2014, she was given the honor of becoming the Attorney of the Year for her contribution to the Family Law Advice Clinic by the Spokane County Bar Association. Her client reviews on Avvo have consistently been 10/10. 

The National Advocates have also recognized her as one of the Top 100 Lawyers. Click Here   

Shadan Kapri was selected as a United States Fulbright Scholar and later became an attorney for the State of Washington working on family law, civil, and criminal cases.  She has a full range of experience and has argued in District Court, Superior Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Washington State Supreme Court. 

During her legal career, Ms. Kapri also worked as a senior judicial law clerk for the Honorable Chief Judge Dennis Sweeney at the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division III.  This experience gave her an insider’s look at how cases are decided by judges across Eastern Washington.

Kapri Law is based in Spokane, Washington.  Yet the firm has clients around the nation with cases pending in Washington State.

Contact us at KapriLawFirm@gmail.com  or 509-252-6002 for more information.


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